Improved Versions of PMI's VEEV E-Cigarettes Launched in Slovakia

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Improved Versions of PMI's VEEV E-Cigarettes Launched in Slovakia
Philip Morris International (PMI) launches upgraded versions of e-cigarettes VEEV ONE and VEEV NOW in Slovakia with new flavors and designs.

According to Slovak media CAS, the improved versions of Philip Morris International (PMI)'s e-cigarettes VEEV ONE and VEEV NOW have been launched in the Slovak market, featuring seven new flavors and practical designs.


The VEEV ONE utilizes ceramic heating technology and features a low e-liquid detection system to prevent burnt taste. The device does not require cleaning or refilling of e-liquid. Currently, there are five color options available: Sweet Pink, Velvet Black, Fresh Green, Electric Purple, and Gray. Compared to IQOS VEEV, the VEEV ONE has the following features:


The e-liquid capacity is 2 milliliters, while the IQOS VEEV/VEEV is 1.5 milliliters; the heating power is 6.5 watts, while the IQOS VEEV/VEEV is 5.5 watts; the battery capacity is 450mAh, while the IQOS VEEV/VEEV is 360mAh; compared to the IQOS VEEV/VEEV, the cost of pods and devices is lower. VEEV NOW comes in two color options: a soft graphite color and silver. The device is made with an aluminum shell, which can be recycled. Used or damaged devices can be taken to any IQOS retail store, where the devices are sent to recycling.


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