Kentucky House Passes Bill to Crack down on Illegal E-Cigarette Sales

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Kentucky House Passes Bill to Crack down on Illegal E-Cigarette Sales
Kentucky House passed a bill aimed at curbing illegal e-cigarette sales, targeting the spread of vaping in schools.

Recently, according to a report from Fox News, the Kentucky House of Representatives passed a bill aimed at cracking down on the illegal sale and influx of e-cigarettes in the market. This new legislation is designed to combat the "epidemic" of e-cigarettes in the state, particularly targeting the widespread use of vaping in schools.


The main advocate for the bill, Republican lawmaker Rebecca Raymer, stated, "Upon further research into this issue, I have found that the majority of confiscated e-cigarettes are disposable e-cigarettes with various flavors. What surprised me was that many of these e-cigarettes were being sold without authorization." This was her comments after the bill was passed.


This new bill was passed with 62 votes in favor and 26 votes against, and will now be submitted to the Senate for review. It is worth noting that the Republican Party holds a majority of seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.


The bill aims to remove unauthorized e-cigarettes, electronic vaporizers, and other tobacco products from stores in Kentucky. Businesses in Kentucky must confirm whether they sell tobacco products when submitting commercial documents to the Secretary of State's office. This list will be sent to the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, which oversees the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes.


The legal minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Kentucky is 21. According to this law, a retail store caught violating this regulation for the first time will face fines ranging from $100 to $500. For a second violation, the fine will increase to $1000, and for subsequent violations, the fine will be $5000. The law also includes fines for wholesalers and manufacturers suspected of distributing unauthorized tobacco products.


In a statement on Monday, Raymer said, "This measure balances the needs of Kentucky consumers to access FDA-certified products, as well as our duty to maintain health and prevent harmful e-cigarette ingredients from entering stores and staying away from our children."


However, this proposal faced harsh criticism from Representative Savannah Maddox in the House debate, who claimed that it would prohibit products used by Kentucky adults and predicted strong public opposition to the bill.


Reimers responded by stating that the bill is intended to be developed according to the regulatory authority of the FDA. "I personally do not support excessive government power," Reimers said. "But the fact is, we are not the regulating agency for these products, the FDA is. That authority was granted by our elected representatives through Congress."


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