JUUL Labs Seeks FDA Authorization for Mint Flavored E-Cigarette Pods

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JUUL Labs Seeks FDA Authorization for Mint Flavored E-Cigarette Pods
US e-cigarette brand JUUL Labs is seeking FDA authorization to sell its new mint-flavored pods with age verification requirements.

According to a report by Newsmax on December 19th, American e-cigarette brand JUUL Labs has announced its intention to seek authorization from the US FDA to release a new mint-flavored pod that requires age verification for users.


In June 2022, JUUL's e-cigarette was temporarily banned in the United States after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that JUUL Labs failed to demonstrate the suitability of its product sales for public health. However, following JUUL Labs' appeal, the FDA suspended the ban and agreed to conduct additional scrutiny of JUUL's marketing application.


The newly introduced mint-flavored pod from the company contains a nicotine concentration of 18mg/ml. This is part of JUUL Labs' latest Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) submitted to the FDA.


JUUL Labs, a prominent e-cigarette company, has recently filed an application in the United States with the aim of introducing a new e-cigarette equipped with a distinctive pod. The purpose behind this innovative pod design is two-fold: to enhance anti-counterfeiting measures and to restrict usage among minors. The e-cigarette, known as the JUUL2 system, was successfully launched in the British market earlier this year in 2021.


The new mint-flavored e-cigarette pod comes with a safety microchip that requires age verification before use. The device can be locked by users at any time to prevent unauthorized usage. In order to minimize risks from underage access, JUUL Labs has announced that they will restrict the number of mint-flavored pods that can be purchased, activated, and used by each age-verified user.


However, up until now, the FDA has only authorized the sale of 23 e-cigarette products in the United States, and all of them are tobacco-flavored. The FDA has rejected applications for mint-flavored e-cigarettes from several well-known manufacturers, including British American Tobacco, and these companies are currently appealing these decisions.


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